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World Famous For Superlative Quality since 1838. Down through the ages, fine craftsmanship has been a tradition at Witton & Witton : the master piano builders who have, over the decades, acquired an unparalleled level of skills, techniques and artistry to produce handcrafted masterpiece of superlative quality. The quality and reputation of Witton & Witton pianos have been known throughout the world among leading pianists.

Established since 1838 in London by the Witton families, the Witton &  Witton pianos have gone through complete transformation over the past century to become one of the finest instruments available today. Among others the various gold medal awards and the Royal Warrants received from several British Royal families over the years bear further testimony to the excellence of Witton & Witton pianos.

112 Monarch
Comes in a wide choice of natural wood grains and colours. Beautiful in design and yet with sound volume and subtle differentiations of tonal colour it is just amazing for a piano of this size.

88 keys 7 octaves
Height: 112cm [44"]
Width : 148cm [58"]
Depth : 55cm [21"]
Weight: 195kg Nett [429 lb] 245kg Gross [539 lb]
* Ebony, Mahogany, Oak or Walnut (gross or matt finish)

125 Classic

Rounded contours with an elegant classical shape and leg support. Safe and easy to move it around.

88keys 7 octaves
Height: 125cm [49"]
Width : 148cm [58"]
Depth : 61cm [24"]
Weight: 235kg Nett [517 lb] 298kg Gross [656 lb]
* Ebony, Mahogany, Cherry or Walnut (gross or matt finish)

130 Master Piece
Specially hand-crafted for serious pianist who prefer an upright but with a grand sound.

88keys 7 octaves
Height: 130cm [51"]
Width : 148cm [58"]
Depth : 61cm [24"]
Weight: 250kg Nett [550 lb] 305kg Gross [671 lb]
* Ebony, Mahogany, Cherry or Walnut (gross or matt finish)

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Witton & Witton - 112 Monarch

Witton & Witton - 125 Classic

Witton & Witton - 130 Master Piece